Product Description

The MIDDAS MCT suspended tile ceiling system is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications to provide an aesthetically-pleasing flush ceiling surface with excellent acoustic performance. With a pressed metal tile construction and proprietary clip-in support fixings, the MCT suspended ceiling system offers a lightweight alternative to walk-on ceilings that also provides easy access for services maintenance.

MIDDAS can provide bespoke solutions using lattice beams and support frames, tailored to suit the site requirements and accommodate numerous scenarios where traditional suspension methods are restricted or prohibitive.

Key Features
  • Non-progressive build with provision of clip in spring-t carriers for for rapid installation
  • The 120µm PVC or 55µm PET coated mild steel panels provide a robust, durable finish to match wall panels
  • Ceiling depth of 45mm and three panel sizes available

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Technical Details
    • Panel sizes of 600mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 1200mm or 1000mm x 3000mm MAX
    • Ceiling depth of 45mm
    • Ceiling assembly is of pressed vinyl pre-coated steel tile construction
    • Options for factory-formed cut-outs for service requirements and provision of perforated acoustic absorption tiles to reduce sound reverberation
    • Proprietary spring-T suspension from building structure, with lattice beam self-spanning trusses and perimeter wall-fixed angle support


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    Performance Ratings


    Class 0 for spread of flame (to BS 476 Parts 6 & 7)

    Air Permeability

    60Pa - 0.0m3/h.m2 (sealed)

    M-WOC Plank Ceiling System

    The MIDDAS M-WOC ceiling panel system was designed with cleanrooms, controlled environments and other hygienic applications in mind.  With smooth, non-shedding, impervious finishes and clever design features including flush aluminium coving, M-WOC ceiling panels are compatible with the most rigorous of cleaning regimes and can contribute towards a range of ISO cleanroom classifications.

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    Bi-Panel Partitioning

    The MIDDAS bi-panel systems have been developed with performance, ease of build and design flexibility in mind. Our robust bi-panel ranges offer high levels of fire, acoustic and structural protection in a fully modular, demountable non-progressive partition system. The bi-panel ranges also incorporate integrated door sets and flush glazing, built-in service wire-ways and removable panels and skirting for service access and future adaptability.  The complete range consists of:

    M100 and M200 for Architectural Interiors
    M100 and M200 for Controlled Environments

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    Mono-Bloc Partitioning

    The MIDDAS mono-bloc system has been developed to provide a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to the bi-panel partitioning. The M65 panel system offers fire protection, acoustic performance and structural integrity that surpasses that of other mono-bloc systems. The M65 system also incorporates integrated door sets and flush glazing and can accommodate factory-prepared channels for distributed services.

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