Product Description

The MIDDAS M200 bi-panel partition system has been specifically developed as a flexible, demountable partitions system for commercial interiors that offers significant benefits over traditional construction. Available in a wide range of pre-finished colours and with shadow gap details from the head and base track, the M200 system also has superior acoustic performance and visual impact in any environment.

The non-progressive system offers flexibility throughout the life of the facility, as individual wall panels can easily be removed for reconfiguration and maintenance of services. The system also benefits from flush integrated dado rail for small power and data. Clever design features include 2-, 3- and 4-way pre-formed corners, flush glazing (part or full height) and ceiling interfaces that allow wall panel removal while the ceiling is in situ.

We also offer an M200 range for Controlled Environments.

Key Features
  • Offsite manufacture for easy on-site assembly (DfMA)
  • Non-progressive build
  • Panels can be solid, part glazed or fully glazed, with fully flush double glazing as standard.
  • Glazing options include smart glass, encapsulated blinds and manifestations for enhanced privacy or aesthetics
  • Pre-formed corners and connection details eliminate need for trims or flashings
  • Integrated flush 3-compartment dado rail
  • Deflection head and base track as standard with shadow gap
  • Easily reconfigured or dismantled for redeployment

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Technical Details
    • System depth 200mm with 2 x 65mm structural framework
    • Pre-finished in 120µm food safe vinyl in white (other RAL colours also available)
    • Fire rated as a system (independently tested to 120 minutes Integrity and Insulation)
    • Non-progressive build
    • Factory-formed cut outs for services
    • Installation heights up to 10m within floating head and base track (multiple panel lifts with solid and flush glazed)
    • Head and base track form decorative shadow gap
    • Acoustic performance to 58RwdB
    • Pressure tested for air permeability to +200Pa (positive pressure)
    • 2, 3 or 4-way pre-formed corners for a smooth, wipe clean surface
    • Purpose-designed panel joint for applied silicone sealant


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    Performance Ratings







    Severe Duty (Framework)

    Heavy Duty (System)

    100kg & 60kg/m3 mineral fibre


    56 RwdB

    EI 120

    200Pa - 0.0m3/h.m2

    Light Duty

    60kg/m3 mineral fibre


    58 RwdB

    EI 120

    200Pa - 0.0m3/h.m2

    (*)  BS 5234 Part 2 1992

    (**)  BS EN ISO 10140-1 2016

    (***)  BS 476 Parts 6 & 7


    M200 panels can incorporate full height or part glazed panels that integrates seamlessly with solid walls and door sets to provide a fully-flush solution. Slim-line glazing mullions and a low profile perimeter framing maximise visible light through the system. The structural integrity of the system allows for use in high-traffic pedestrian areas and mezzanine floor edges without the need for additional barriers. Optional integrated horizontal blinds and encapsulated manifestation to the glass, enhance and compliment the systems flexibility and durability.

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    The M200 doors sets provide a fully modular, interchangeable and integrated solution within the solid & glazed wall elements. Steel doors come with options for a variety of finishes or the incorporation of third party GRP and laminate leaves to meet the individual project requirements. We offer a range of standard high-quality door hardware or optional integration of ironmongery to match a particular design specification.

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    MIDDAS partitioning systems can be customised with a wide range of accessories that integrate seamlessly with our walls, ceilings and doors. Our wide range includes options for dado rail, shelving, coving, pattresses, gaskets, door furniture and magnetic signage.

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    M200 Controlled Environments

    The MIDDAS M200 wall panel system is a heavier duty version of our M100 range, designed for cleanrooms, controlled environments and other hygienic applications requiring greater wall depths and height. 

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    M100 Controlled Environments

    The MIDDAS M100 wall panel system was designed with cleanrooms, controlled environments and other hygienic applications in mind.  With smooth, non-shedding, impervious finishes and clever design features allowing integration with third party systems, M100 panels are compatible with the most rigorous of cleaning regimes and can achieve a range of ISO cleanroom classifications.

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