MIDDAS plank and tile ceilings provide a fully flush, modular option for environments where easy access to the plenum or ceiling void is required for repositioning of tiles or maintenance of services and/or lighting.  Our ceilings are sized to suit your application and provide a smooth, monolithic surface ideal for environments where frequent cleaning regimes are required.  Our proprietary clip in system and integrated flush aluminium coving allows for frequent upward cleaning pressure without damaging or dislodging individual tiles.

Plank Ceilings

The MIDDAS plank ceiling system has been developed alongside our M65 mono-bloc range to provide a durable walk-on ceiling capable of self-spanning up to 3.6 metres or infinite spanning capabilities when hung from a building structure or secondary frame. The M-WOC system can accommodate factory-formed services for lighting and HVAC, with options for access hatches to suit project requirements.

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Tile Ceilings

The MIDDAS tile suspended ceiling system has been developed to match flawlessly with our wall finishes and suits applications where traditional suspension methods are restricted or prohibited.  The MCT system uses a proprietary spring-T to suspend from our bespoke-developed supporting structure and can accommodate small services through factory-formed cut outs.

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