MIDDAS demountable steel partition systems for walls, ceilings and doors are ideal for creating flexible workspaces within the advanced manufacturing sector where the environment often requires a robust performance specification.  Our systems are backed by superior test data and are ideal for regulated manufacturing areas requiring process separation and control over factors such as air permeability and cleaning regimes.

Our team has designed innovative enclosures for production, engineering and distribution areas within the automotive, aerospace, cGMP, optics and photonics industries.

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Advanced Manufacturing Projects

Below is a selection of the many projects we’ve delivered within the advanced manufacturing sector.

Cambridge Technology  |  Taunton

Jaguar Land Rover  | West Midlands

Tata Motors  |  Pune, India

Global Engine Manufacturer A  |  Darlington

Global Engine Manufacturer B  |  Darlington

Global Engine Manufacturer D  |  Darlington