Product Description

The MIDDAS M65 mono-bloc wall panel system has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to our bi-panel partitioning that still offers high levels of performance.  The M65 system is ideal for cleanrooms, controlled environments and other hygienic applications where flexibility of the configuration is not the main project driver.  The M65 system also has smooth, non-shedding, impervious finishes and clever design features including flush vision panels, pre-formed corners and flush door sets similar to our bi-panel range, and can accommodate services with optional factory-fitted channels.

Key Features
  • Pre-finished panels in a range of standard sizes (width and height)
  • Food safe 120 µm vinyl PVC finish, compatible with wide range of cleaning regimes
  • Progressive build within MIDDAS head and base tracks
  • Pre-formed corners that negate the need for trims or flashings
  • Factory fitted conduits and outlet boxes
  • Flush vision panels
  • Flush door sets

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Technical Details
  • System depth 65mm
  • 2-, 3- and 4-way pre-formed corners
  • Progressive build
  • Pre-finished wall panels with factory formed cut outs
  • Surface mounted floor and ceiling coving
  • Fire rated or non fire rated options (independently tested to 30 minutes Integrity and insulation)
  • Excellent acoustic performance to 41dB (solid) and 38dB (glazed)
  • Fully demountable system can be dismantled at end of life for redeployment or fully recycled.
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M65 panels can incorporate full height or part glazed panels that integrates seamlessly with solid walls and door sets to provide a fully-flush solution. Slim-line glazing mullions and a low profile perimeter framing maximise visible light through the system. The structural integrity of the system allows for use in high-traffic pedestrian areas and mezzanine floor edges without the need for additional barriers. Optional integrated horizontal blinds and encapsulated manifestation to the glass, enhance and compliment the systems flexibility and durability.

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M65 door sets provide a fully modular, interchangeable and integrated solution within the solid & glazed wall elements. Steel doors come with options for a variety of finishes or the incorporation of third party GRP and laminate leaves to meet the individual project requirements. We offer a range of standard high-quality door hardware or optional integration of ironmongery to match a particular design specification.

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MIDDAS plank and tile ceiling systems provide a fully flush, modular option to complement M65 wall partitions.  Our ceilings are ideal for environments where easy access to the plenum or ceiling void is required for repositioning of tiles or maintenance of services and/or lighting. 

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Bi-Panel Partitioning

The MIDDAS bi-panel systems have been developed with performance, ease of build and design flexibility in mind. Our robust bi-panel ranges offer high levels of fire, acoustic and structural protection in a fully modular, demountable non-progressive partition system. The bi-panel ranges also incorporate integrated door sets and flush glazing, built-in service wire-ways and removable panels and skirting for service access and future adaptability.  The complete range consists of:

M100 and M200 for Architectural Interiors
M100 and M200 for Controlled Environments

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