National Forensics Science Laboratories
Backweston, County Dublin, Ireland
M100 cleanrooms for a new suite of clean controlled environments
M100 (NFR) double-sided with recessed base; M100 single-sided lining to cleanroom; plasterboard fitted to M100 framework along corridor
Non-fire rated with large format vision apertures, including fully integrated maglock, armature plates and drop down seals within MIDDAS door frame and leaf. Integrated traffic access switches in frames
Fully flush double glazed non-fire rated vision panels
0.9kN/m2 services loading. Class 0 spread of flame, unclassified cleanroom finishes
Factory formed cut outs for services and equipment penetrations including transfer hatches and grilles


The new Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) laboratory building is located on the OPW Campus in Blackweston, Co. Kildare. A critical part of the new FSI facility is the FSI Evidence Analysis labs, a purpose-built suite of clean controlled environments to include preparation and sear rooms, examination rooms, SEM and PCR.


The labs had to be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of FSR-G-208:2015 guidelines which refer to ISO clean controlled environment stand (ISO 14644-1) ISO 8 in the Ante-Rooms and ISO 7 in the inner laboratories. A critical part of this new facility was Evidence Analysis labs which were a purpose-built suite of clean controlled environments to facilitate the identification, retrieval, amplification, testing and analysis of DNA based evidence.


The deign solution was based on our M100 modular cleanroom system manufactured to provide clean, controlled environments. This ensured that all third-party components were integrated seamlessly with our M100 system to form a continuous airtight room envelope to each cleanroom space, with robust and durable easily maintainable finish compatible with frequent wash-down and periodic decontamination with VHP.

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“The MIDDAS M100 wall system was selected to deliver on the facilities stringent requirements in terms of airtightness, cleanability, surface finish, robustness, acoustics, and integration of services.”

David Hallinan, Asgard Cleanroom Solutions