MIDDAS freestanding pods are a quick-to-market, modular solution constructed from our flagship bi-panel partition and ceiling systems.  Freestanding pods are suitable for a wide range of applications within advanced manufacturing, education, healthcare, commercial interiors and controlled environments.  Our freestanding pods are manufactured offsite in our UK factory, ready for rapid on-site assembly in any existing building.

What is a Freestanding Pod?

MIDDAS Freestanding Pods are fully self-supporting structures that are engineered to support Mechanical and Electrical services, architectural envelopes and fabric all from the structural steel framework – up to a live load of 2.5 kN/m2 at a span of 6.5m(*).  The robust design of our pods means they are completely independent of the building structure, making them an ideal solution for installation within host buildings with load bearing limitations.

The complete pod is constructed from our proprietary structural steelwork and finished with our flagship M100 bi-panel wall panel and MCT suspended ceiling systems. For added support, freestanding pods are finished with our walk-on deck plates to allow maintenance of distributed services from above or below the ceiling.  All pods are modelled in a 3D BIM environment and are configured to your exact design specification.  The design is highly customisable to accommodate additional features such as walk-on ceilings (M-WOC), flush dado rail, built-in shelving and internal partitions.  We can also finish wall panels in corporate colours and include branded manifestations on glazing.

(*) Alternative live loads and spans are achievable on a project-by-project basis.

Applications for Freestanding Pods

Freestanding pods are suitable for a wide range of applications within advanced manufacturing, education, healthcare, commercial interiors and controlled environments to create the ideal space for your client.  Each pod design is fully modulated to meet your exact specification, and can incorporate bespoke features such as corporate branded colours and logos and integrated shelving and dado for services.

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Pod Assembly

MIDDAS Freestanding pods are a a quick-to-market solution, perfect for creating extra space within any building.  All pods are manufactured off site in our UK factory, and are supplied in kit form ready for rapid site assembly.

The configuration options for our pods are endless, depending only on your available space and project requirements.  They can be customised with bespoke colour options and can include additional features such as branded logo manifestations, switchable smart glass, encapsulated blinds and integrated shelving.

Benefits of a Freestanding Pod

Cost-effective – Pods can be installed in any existing building so there is no need for a purpose-built structure, saving cost over traditional construction.

Time-saving – Pods are quick to install, so there is minimal disruption to daily operations.

Flexibility – Pods are designed to suit your specific application and can be configured for use within any environment.

Future-proofStructures are fully reconfigurable when your facility needs change, and are relocatable and recyclable at end of life.

As relocatable partitions, freestanding pods are also movable, meaning they also benefit from tax benefits.  Relocatable (movable) partitions qualify as Plant and Machinery for the purposes of claiming capital allowances(*), and are listed under Section 23: List C of the Capital Allowances Act 2001 as “13. Partition walls, where moveable and intended to be moved in the course of the qualifying activity.”

(*) Professional advice should be obtained to confirm the qualification of your partitions for tax relieve on a project-specific basis.

Freestanding Structures

Our Freestanding Structures can be scaled up to suit larger projects and environments with heavier duty performance requirements. Each structure is modulated to your exact specification and manufactured off-site, ready to be installed into any host building.

Using our innovative structural framework design and DfMA principles, our Freestanding Structures provide a sustainable, quick-to-market alternative to traditional construction builds.

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