Upperton Pharma Solutions Development & GMP Manufacturing Facility
Technology Drive, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Cleanrooms for new GMP manufacturing suites, quality control, and dedicated analytical and formulation development laboratories.
M100/M200 freestanding bi-panel partition walls with recessed base. M100 single-sided lining to cleanroom with plasterboard finish fitted to the M100 framework along the corridors to create a hybrid system.
M-WOC walk-on ceiling planks with integrated handrail system. Designed for a maintenance access load of 0.9kN/m2.
MIDDAS non-fire rated door sets with bespoke vision apertures, fully integrated maglocks and traffic light access switches.
Fully flush twin-glazed vision panels.
Mezzanine Floor
Single level mezzanine floor including Pallet Safety Gate and catladders. Fully integrated (access) to existing floor level.
Freestanding structure (max. load 2.5kN/m2) with clear spans up to 5.5m). Acoustic 42dBRw; Class 0 fi re rating to BS 476 Parts 6 & 7.
Raised bulkheads. Full integration of HVAC & services within MIDDAS partitions & ceilings. Factory formed cut out for equipment including transfer hatches and grilles.


Upperton Pharma Solutions is an early phase Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) with more than twenty-years experience in the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms. They offer their clients an extensive range of services from early feasibility through to dosage form development and clinical trial manufacturing.



The Nottingham site was required to bring together 10 new GMP manufacturing sites, quality control laboratories, dedicated analytical and formulation laboratories with pilot plant facilities. With greater capabilities and the latest technological advancements, Trent Gateway would offer increased efficiency and greater flexibility to accommodate ever-evolving pharmaceutical needs.


MIDDAS worked closely with both the T-Squared Design Team and client to provide a virtual BIM model which included all services, fitted equipment, and user interfaces throughout the complex suite of cleanrooms and support areas. From here MIDDAS modularised the complete facility including walls, ceilings, and the integrated structural steel work required to support the services. Where possible, the modules were kept to standard dimensions, however to ensure a truly modular solution all non-standard size elements were also manufactured off-site ready to assemble. The M100 wall system incorporated the return air ducts, services, and provided the framework to support the MIDDAS beams which supported the walk-on ceilings and services.

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“We are delighted with the progress of our Nottingham facility since we first began on this journey in 2023. This build completion is a significant milestone for us and represents our significant growth as a company.”

Nikki Whitfield, Chief Executive Officer, Upperton Pharma Solutions