Oxford Nanopore Technologies Harwell Science & Innovation Campus
Didcot, England, United Kingdom
Cleanroom production facility for manufacture of DNA/RNA sequencing devices
M100 / M200 7m high with plenum walls
M-WOC plank ceiling with specialist plenum cap
Single/double leaf solid and glazed and bespoke emergency exit doors
Full height flush glazed vision panels with specialist yellow film to protect manufacturing
Operating at higher than ISO 4 classification; FR60 and Class 0 to BS 476 Parts 22, 6 and 7
MIDDAS structural framework to support and integrate sensible cooling coils


TSquared were selected by Oxford Nanopore Technologies as Main Contractor for their new cleanroom production facility on the prestigious Harwell Campus. The production cleanrooms had to be ultra-clean to manufacture DNA/RNA sequencing devices.


The production cleanrooms for the sequencing devices required ISO 4 & 7 Classifications and had to meet the stringent requirements for their specialist manufacturing process which are aligned with semiconductor processing. Due to the high level of process services required and strict operating conditions, the cleanroom had to support the specialist services and HVAC solutions to meet the critical operating parameters and production processes.


MIDDAS designed, manufactured, and installed structural cleanrooms from their proven range (M100) and specialist Walk-on Ceilings/Plenum Cap (MWOC). The M100 framework was engineered to support the sensible cooling coils and HVAC supplies, along with the process utilities used within the facility. The cleanroom wall panels could also be removed to access the services throughout the life of the facility and had inert aluminium cores to ensure the cleanroom classifications were met. A
unique feature of the MIDDAS solution was the plenum cap, designed and engineered to support the fan filter ceiling below. Integrated handrails to the walk on ceilings also ensured a safe maintenance platform.

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“MIDDAS were able to demonstrate they had the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capability
to deliver this complex project and as primary manufactures they were able to develop their cleanroom
systems to meet the unique requirements required for this world class facility.”

Alan Simpson, Director