Howorth Air Technology - Sampling Cleanroom at MSD
Knokke-Heist, Flanders, Belgium
Cleanroom facility to meet cGMP classification for sampling of pharmaceutical compounds
M100 (NFR)
Single/double leaf solid and glazed (NFR); emergency breakout panels
M100 flush glazed
cGMP cleanrooms (Grades D, C & B); Structure (Heavy Duty BS 5234 Part 2)
MIDDAS freestanding structure and walk-on ceiling with integrated edge protection


Howorth Air Technology required a freestanding cleanroom for their client (MSD), for sampling pharmaceutical compounds within their proprietary isolators and sampling booths. The complete sampling facility including automated material handling, had to be built, tested and put through formal Factory Acceptance Tests before being dismantled, shipped and reassembled at MSD’s premises in Belgium. The Heist facility could not have services supported from the building, so the MIDDAS freestanding structure was ideal for this application.


The project required a modular freestanding cleanroom to meet cGMP classifications that would support the MEP services and allow cabling to be routed through the partition panels, ensuring flush outlets in the cleanroom. This also provided flexibility for future changes throughout the lifespan of the facility, as panels can easily be removed and reconfigured.


MIDDAS were selected based on our proven modular M100 bi-panel cleanroom system and freestanding structures. We worked with Howorth to design and build the freestanding modular cleanroom to accommodate all process equipment, isolators, downflow booths and material handling conveyors within the facility to meet cGMP standards. The MEP services were fully supported by the MIDDAS freestanding cleanroom structure, keeping the load off the host building. The walk-on ceiling with integrated handrail also provided safe maintenance access to the services.

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“MIDDAS provided a well-designed freestanding cleanroom solution to surround our key process equipment and support the MEP services. We were pleased with the system’s modular design which allowed us to fully test the assembled cleanroom sampling facility in our UK factory before dismantling and shipping it to our client’s site, where it was easily reassembled and validated.”

Tom Ford, Group Sales Director Howorth Air Technology