21st September 2023


We see on the news the continued calamity that the schools find themselves in with many pupils not returning after the Summer break due to the situations arising from RAAC.

Our Design Team was involved with a classroom pods concept. Designed, manufactured, and installed within a portal frame building and fully operational in rapid time.


A MIDDAS Solution

While the main building is mechanically ventilated, a series of passively ventilated classroom pods can be naturally ventilated via an air path, which draws in air from the main building via low-level slot ventes at the base of the pods before expelling extracted, stratified air back into the building. This provides clean and rapid air changes within the building and creates more airflow using zero energy.

Or the classroom pods can be heated and ventilated in a more traditional way with the ability to house HVAC equipment directly on the roof of the pod, due to the inherent 2.5Kn/m2 load capacity (at 6m span). The pod wall system framework is rated at Severe Duty to BS: 5234: Part 2: 1992 and benefits from acoustic values ranging from 41-55dBRw depending on the primary pod wall configuration.

Whilst the pods are prefabricated off site to accelerate construction speed, each pod can be customised to the school’s specific requirements. The various glazed, solid, acoustic, and service panels are completely interchangeable, which means that no two pods need to look the same and can easily respond to specific teaching requirements.

We can include fully integrated services. Panels can be easily changed and relocated so that a school’s facilities team can swap a solid panel for a glazed panel, and acoustic panel, or relocate doors, if required without the need for specialist contractors.

Fast-Track to Site

A typical classroom pod of 6x9m can be constructed within 1-2 days, ready for plugging into the host buildings existing services, free-standing, and entirely independent of the building into which the pods are placed.

With Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) principles, the pods can be designed, manufactured and assembled more quickly than traditional construction methods, avoiding the need for cutting on site and the wet trades that this entails. These classroom pods can be ready for use in a matter of weeks from design approval.

We can fast-track our pods and have classrooms to site in as little as 4-6 weeks from design approval and sited within any portal frame warehouse or building in the country.

For more information on our Freestanding Structures and how they could be utilised in your project, contact our sales team today.

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