6th February 2023


MIDDAS are working with one of our trusted partners for controlled environments to install a freestanding solution and mezzanine floor for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.  The project is being delivered on a fast-track schedule to support the client’s tight timescale for delivery of the their new cGMP manufacturing and development facility.

Ahead of schedule

The client broke ground in early January, with MIDDAS delivering the first part of the works programme within two weeks.  The team are working to a 4 month programme of integrated works with completion of our portion of the project scheduled for May, and are already weeks ahead of schedule.  The freestanding structural steel framework is currently being installed and the fit out team are making great progress.

A problem solved

The new facility will be creating a series of additional manufacturing suites to increase the client’s production capacity for multiple, varied product ranges.  Each new suite requires an extensive amount of distributed services, so to facilitate integration of all duct and pipework, the team came up with an innovative new design solution.  To allow ducts to sit flush within the framework, our standard transoms were cleverly modified with a single-piece bended profile to create the throughway within the plenum.  This simple modification is just one example of how our technical team work with clients to solve any problem that arises during the design phase.

What are freestanding structures?

MIDDAS Freestanding Structures are tailored for a wide range of end user applications and provide a modular off-site solution for independent structures within any existing building. They are ideal for commercial or industrial spaces, including storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centres, to create an envelope that is entirely independent of the building structure.

With our modular system design and offsite manufacturing techniques, we can provide a quick turnaround for your project. And with our proprietary structural steelwork, there is no need to design and build a purpose-built structure, saving valuable time and budget when compared to traditional ‘new build’ construction projects.

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