8th February 2023


In honour of National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we are shining a light on our very own apprentice, Tyler Jones.  Tyler joined MIDDAS as an apprentice in June 2021, working part-time while he completes his Level 2 and Level 3 in Engineering Manufacturing with In-Comm Training.  Tyler’s apprenticeship training involves a mix of theoretical study on site at In-Comm’s Telford campus, alongside practical skills classes such as welding and machining.  He splits his time between attending college and working with the team here in our Telford factory.

Tyler’s love of engineering and manufacturing stems from childhood.  From a young age, he was interested in tinkering with things to find out how they work – taking them apart and trying to put it back together.  Although he was born in the UK, his family relocated to New Zealand where he lived until his teenage years.  Upon moving back to the UK at 15 to complete his A-Levels, he decided gaining practical experience was a better option for him over a university degree.  An apprenticeship was a natural choice to help him achieve his goal of entering the engineering profession.


His apprenticeship with MIDDAS has offered him the chance to learn many new practical skills ‘on the job’. And with his love of mechanics and engineering, it is no surprise that his favourite part of the job is his involvement with technical design, learning about manufacturing processes and business management.  Working closely with our Technical Manager, Ian Tonks, Tyler supports the business with CAD design, designing things such as shelving units for the factory and altering project drawings.  He spends most of his time supporting our Manufacturing Design Engineer, Stuart Tonks, running the punch press and feeding steelworks to the factory. When asked what he likes best about his apprenticeship with MIDDAS, he said:

“The best part of my work with the team is the mix between learning office skills and working on the shopfloor supporting the manufacturing process. I gain a lot from working with such a tight-knit team, as I get more support and attention to help me grow professionally.  I also get to work on cool side projects, like helping to design, build and even drive our team cars for two local Krazy Races.  Our design helped us take second place in the last race we did!” Tyler Jones, MIDDAS Apprentice

What does an apprentice bring to MIDDAS?

MIDDAS has a firm grassroots mentality towards training staff and a history of hiring apprentices to support this.  Tyler is the latest engineering apprentice to join the MIDDAS team.  Having an apprentice onboard gives the business a chance to develop a young person’s professional growth, giving them an opportunity to apply their learning to a real-life career and support the engineering and manufacturing teams in the process.

“Recognising that university isn’t the route to further education for everyone, apprenticeships offer individuals an opportunity to attain skills and training to suit their vocational aspirations and our business the chance to nurture the creativity and enthusiasm of these individuals. Tyler is the perfect example of this, not wanting to follow the ‘me-too’ route into university, only to come out with the same degree and subsequent opportunity as his peers.  He has brought his passion for engineering to MIDDAS, and with the training provided by In-Comm and the experience gained in a live manufacturing environment, he will develop in to a valuable asset for the business and strengthen the engineering foundations on which MIDDAS was built.”

What is National Apprenticeship Week?

National Apprenticeship Week is an awareness campaign to demonstrate the benefit of apprenticeships – for both businesses and the apprentices themselves. The week offers employers and apprentices nationwide to talk about the positive impact that apprenticeships have on their businesses and careers.


Resources for anyone interested in apprenticeships

If you are business interested in the benefits of an apprentice or are interested in hiring one, visit the apprenticeships website for employers.  There is government-funded support available to pay for apprenticeship training, and the amount depends on whether you pay the apprenticeship levy.

If you are looking to gain skills for life via an apprenticeship and want to learn more by browsing opportunities, visit the apprenticeships website.

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