30th June 2022


We have the ideal solution for modular freestanding cleanrooms where factors like zero building load for MEP services and design flexibility are important.

MIDDAS have supplied a freestanding cleanroom facility for Howorth Air Technology’s client MSD in Belgium. The project required enclosures for key process equipment that supported all MEP services without adding load to the building structure itself. The structures needed to be built, tested and put through formal FATs before being dismantled, shipped, reassembled and validated at the client’s site.

Our freestanding solution offers clients complete design flexibility throughout the lifecycle of the structure. Should your facility’s requirements change, our system can easily be reconfigured to support alternative layouts. Changes to service routing are also simple with our completely demountable, non-progressive bi-panel partitioning. All panels can be removed individually so that cabling and pipework can easily be re-routed.

Download our case study for full project details.