17th June 2020


We’re proud of our manufacturing heritage.  All our products are designed and manufactured in our Telford-based factory and we’re 100% ‘made in Britain’. We’re passionate about what we do and take great pride in having a facility in Shropshire, the home of industry and engineering.

It all started with a vision to do things better.

Our directors had a desire to bring new levels of quality to the industry in both the products we offer and the service we delivered to our customers. The driver behind the inception of MIDDAS Interior Solutions has always been that – to do things a bit different to what’s been done before. This meant designing products that enabled efficient manufacturing and installation on site, and reducing waste throughout our processes.


What does it mean to be ‘Made in Britain’?

Since our humble beginning in 2014, we’ve always manufactured 100% of our products entirely in Britain. To us, the ‘Made in Britain’ moniker is about more than just carrying a logo. Being able to state we make everything locally means we can service our UK clients more efficiently and enables quicker delivery of large-scale projects, such as the Rosalind Franklin laboratory in Leamington Spa. We’ve invested heavily in advanced manufacturing with high-tech brake press and punch press machines. This equipment allows us to schedule work programmes out of hours, so the facility is capable of round-the-clock output and keeps all our manufacturing in house.


We are small but MIDDAS

Our product experts have a rich history of designing and developing robust partitioning systems and building teams to deliver their vision. Their decades of combined experience across a variety of complex projects has meant we’ve delivered dozens of prestige projects in many sectors. We’ve delivered projects across sectors including Controlled Environments, Cleanrooms, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, Science & Research, Advanced Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals.

What’s more, our directors are also passionate about keeping everything local, including the use of local suppliers and hiring locally grown talent. From a small team of  three working out of a garage, we’ve grown to team of nearly 20 office and factory staff. We’ve recently invested in marketing and design, with a new Marketing Manager to drive brand awareness and two new designers focusing heavily on BIM and 3D modelling. And we have big plans for the future too. To further enhance our brand and ‘Made In Britain’ status, we’ll continue to invest in technology and people to grow our manufacturing capabilities and take our products to the next level.

We are small, but we’re MIDDAS.

Have a project you want to discuss with us? Use our contact form or just go old fashioned and give us a call on 01743 294 141.