13th May 2020


The MIDDAS structural framework for our M100 non- progressive bi panel partition system not only supports our pre finished wall panels but is designed to allow services to be easily routed through it and can be configured to support and integrate process and HVAC services into the cleanroom envelope, all pre engineered off site ready to install.

The non-progressive design ensures individual wall panels can be removed to access services and to add or reroute services throughout the life of the facility. This unique design allows the ceiling and floor to remain in place without any disturbance, significantly reducing site disruptions during future works within the cleanroom or facility.

As part of our manufacturing process here in the UK we pre-cut service penetrations in our wall and ceiling systems to suite the individual components being fitted, significantly reducing onsite construction activity and waste on site. At MIDDAS we have very little waste and excellent material utilisation as material from cut outs is used through intelligent programming of our CNC punch to manufacture componentry used in the MIDDAS systems verses on site cuts which go straight in the skip.

For more information on the benefits of the MIDDAS non progressive partition and ceiling systems please get in touch with Trevor Drummond