29th October 2018


MIDDAS product development has been rewarded with a major new project win for a confidential client processing semiconductors.

The proven M100 partition system is now offered as a single sided side post and panel system with aluminium core, which has been specifically developed for the semiconductor market.

In addition to an aluminium honeycomb core, the wall system has gasket seals negating the need of an applied sealant, which is key where low out gassing is required.

An added benefit is that the M100 structural framework is designed to allow services to be hung from it chase side, minimising the need for secondary framework. Clean room wall panels with factory formed cut outs for services and equipment are simply hung in the clean bays. Individual wall panels can easily be removed and reconfigured throughout the life of the facility, meeting the ever changing demands of a wafer fab.

For more information on the MIDDAS semiconductor product portfolio, please contact Trevor Drummond