1st October 2018


Built in safety is often a glib statement but not at MIDDAS. Our integrated design approach ensures safety is designed in and not added as an afterthought.

With any walk-on ceiling or work platform, edge protection is essential and is now an integral feature of the MIDDAS offering. No longer do you need to add secondary edge protection and worry about fixing details and interfacing with the walk-on structure.

At MIDDAS our structural framework is extended above the MIDDAS walk-on ceiling where we fix a toe board, intermediate and hand rail to meet the UK Building Regulations Part K which requires a guardrail consisting of a minimum of two horizontal rails with a minimum height of 1100mm (also meeting international requirements).

MIDDAS built in handrails offer cost benefits over secondary systems and are a standard feature for our walk on-ceiling systems. For more information on MIDDAS solutions including walk-on ceilings, free standing structures and modular construction, please get in touch with Trevor Drummond