1st August 2018


A very topical update in light of today’s news that fire doors from five manufacturers have been withdrawn from the market after failing post-Grenfell safety tests. With fire safety absolutely central to all of MIDDAS’ product offering, it’s fair to say we were incredibly sensitive not to jump on the post-Grenfell outcry in order to further our business, but here’s what we were saying in July 2015 not only about the failure of so called fire doors but also the wall systems certified fire doors were contained within:

“Many manufacturers will tell you that they have certification for their door sets; what they forget to tell you is that these door sets have only ever been tested in brick or block-work and aren’t actually valid within their partition wall systems. Brick and block-work do not deflect during a fire; partition wall systems, especially steel based ones, do and by quite a significant amount. The clever part is to engineer the door set to deflect in conjunction with the partition wall system so that the two elements work in harmony – Fire is a killer and performance walls should be thoroughly designed and engineered without compromise or corner cutting. Ask to see evidence of how the walls and doors were tested when choosing your partition wall and door provider.”

We are pleased confirm that our Fire Rated doors exceeded the 1hr test with a significant safety margin and have been fully tested within our wall system as a complete system, not just individual components.

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