3rd April 2018


MIDDAS offsite manufacture has more than programme benefits.

The advantage of offsite manufacture can be seen by the speed the MIDDAS structural frame has been installed. All components arrive at site, clearly identified and ready to install. We even punch all fixing holes which makes installation a simple assembly process, significantly reducing site construction activity.

The MIDDAS M100 structural frame work is designed to support all of the services offering a freestanding structure without the need for additional secondary steel supports or hanging services from the building structure. MIDDAS factory finished wall and ceiling systems are simply hung from the MIDDAS framework.

The MIDDAS framework has a recessed base detail which provides a finishing edge for the coved flooring to finish flush with the wall panels, allowing the flooring to be installed before the wall panels are fitted.

Additional programme benefits are achieved by installing all services within the MIDDAS frame work before finished wall panels with factory formed cut outs are installed.

For more information on MIDDAS modular, free standing cleanrooms, laboratories and offices please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Drummond.