10th January 2018

MIDDAS recessed base detail designed for multiple flooring types

The finishing details of any facility are key to its performance and appearance.

Having seen many facilities where the interface between the wall system and flooring is ad hoc and often hidden with a cover strip that introduces ledges and broken surfaces; MIDDAS have developed an innovative recessed base detail

for our wall systems that is specifically designed so the flooring can be finished perfectly flush with the underside of the cleanroom wall panel.

The MIDDAS recessed base detail allows for the flooring to be installed independently of the finished wall panels, either before or after and depending on client preference and programme.

The recessed base detail has been designed to accommodate a wide range of flooring types including resin and vinyl. The system can accommodate different floor types on either wall panel face, both of which will finish flush with the panel face.

A further benefit of the MIDDAS recessed base is that it creates an edge for the flooring contractor to finish to, ensuring a precise interface between both flooring and MIDDAS wall system.  Genuine innovation and performance advantage.

The MIDDAS recessed base detail is another part of the MIDDAS philosophy of providing joined up engineered solutions for the cleanroom and controlled environment sectors.

For more information please contact Trevor Drummond